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Moletsi community radio was started by ordinary members of the rural area of Moletsi in terms of notice 785 of 1997 government gazette. The radio was born out of two initiatives namely Phuthanang Bahlaloga community radio station and Moletjie-concerned group. Both structures were established in June 1997 with the purpose of achieving the objective of having Moletsi community radio station.



In 1998 both structures Moletjie concerned group, led by Dr A.K.K Mathatho and Phuthanang Bahlaloga community radio station project, led by Mr. Phuti Maleka merged into one project, now called Moletsi community radio station. Merger was good in order to harness scarce resources of Moletjie for one objective of having a community radio.


Community mobilization

All structures of Moletjie were approached to assist in any way possible to ensure that the dream of the community becomes reality. Traditional leaders and other progressive forces gave the radio an unconditional support e.g. Indunas donating R250, 00 per village and other individuals did all they could do to support the station. Over one thousand signatures of support were mobilized from the ordinary community members of Moletjie. Regular mass meetings, Kgoro’s etc were used to get community support.


Public hearing

On the 29th June 1999, Moletjie community radio station attended public hearing organized by IBA (ICASA). The hearing was attended after sleepless nights as the preparations for public hearing of new concept of community radio in the history of South Africa. Members of Moletjie community who wanted to witness the processing of the hearing that was to decide on the future of our rural community were busted. The hearing was blessed by the presence of His Majesty Kgosi Kgabo Solomon Moloto III. Early in the year 2000, Moletjie community radio received good news of having won the public hearing and therefore a four-year broadcasting license was given to the radio station.



The station (Moletsi community radio station) is a member of national community radio forum (NCRF). Moletsi community radio station goes on air On the 01st November 2000 at 06H00 morning Moletsi community radio station began to broadcast to the community for the first time. Broadcasting, production and transmission equipments were donated to the station by the department of communications. This year 2004, the British High Commission (South Africa) granted the station broadcasting and production equipments. Moletsi Community Radio is a community broadcaster and holds a four-year broadcasting license. It has been on air since the 01st November 2000 to date.



Moletsi Community Radio holds 60kms radius license. It can be tuned at 98.6mhz. We have also improved the technical capacity of our transmission with the funds we received from the Eskom Development Foundation by installing 500 watts transmitter.



Moletsi community is comprised of about 118 villages and further caters for other surrounding areas outside Moletsi like Maraba, Mashashane, Ga-Chuene, Ga-Mothiba and Matlala. We cover areas within Polokwane, Aganang, and Blouberg municipalities within the Capricorn district municipality in Limpopo province. We command sizeable listener ship and community participation and involvement is increasing with time. Presently our listener ship is estimated at 450 000 and we are determined to increase it with quality programming.



Moletsi Community Radio is comprised of (16) fifteen staff members including management and 12 free lancers. These staff members are unemployed community members and are volunteers. They get incentives only when there is enough money.



Moletsi Community Radio has 17hours-broadcasting license and as such broadcasts from 06h00 to 23h00. Our programmes are distinct and focus on a range of areas that affects our community. They range from development, educational, economic; cultural, health, religious etc. this is in keeping with the objectives of a community radio as enshrined in the Broadcasting Act of 1999. We have agricultural, educational, health, disability, Hiv and Aids, children, women, youth and religious programmes.


Hiv and Aids awareness campaign

We have embarked on a rolling HIV and Aids awareness campaign. The aim is to intercept the infection and as a community come up with solutions to the pandemic. This campaign includes amongst others essays and poetry competitions, road shows, taxi programme production and marathon. The project was officially launched on the 08th march 2003. The MEC of Health and Welfare in Limpopo Sello Moloto graced the launching. We are currently running road shows on Hiv and Aids and a marathon against Hiv and Aids, this programmes can be viewed on the videotapes (VHS).


Cultural activities

We are involved in cultural issues as a community radio. In our road shows we involve community members and this helps in unearthing immense talents that our communities, in particular the youth have. We also involve jazz clubs in our radio jazz programme on Sundays. These clubs are from our communities and coordinated by Mol-Mighty Jazz Club. During this year we will be hosting an arts and traditional dance festival. This will involve poets, wood carvers, painters, dinaka, mmapadi le kosa ya dikhuru. During September month as a heritage month we will be staging Arts & Traditional Dance Festival. Our intention is to have this festival annually. We will celebrate the heritage month in style.



We have been involved in programme production with a number of production companies. We have produced children, women, disability, HIV and Aids, and crime programmes with companies like Sicebisa Isizwe Ngemfundo, Vuleka, KPRTT, ABC Ulwazi, and Mbuya Legacy , Sgubu Concepts and DOC9Department of Communication. After 2005/6 DOC programme production Moletsi was awarded as the best Community radio station on drama and talkshow programme production. In our community outreach programmes we have sought partnerships with business and CBO/NGO sectors and other statutory institutions. We have a sound partnership with Progress Milling Company, Department Of Health And Welfare, , SAPS Seshego, Moletsi Traditional Healers Association, Moletsi Youth Information Center (PPASA), Coca Cola (Polokwane Region) in our Hiv and Aids campaign. In our programme production activities we involve the CBO/NGO sector. All our community outreach projects events and campaigns may be viewed on VHS tapes. We also network these sectors. And we have also compiled CBO/NGO catalogue. HIV and Aids road shows: from 2003 to date we have visited 300 schools. Areas Visited: Victim Emnpowerment We are involved in Victim Empowerment campaigns to create an enabling environment, for Victims, using programs of empowerment, awareness and promote actual support services Aganang Municipality, Blouberg Mmunicipality, Polokwane Municipality,or in brief part all areas falling under Capricorn District Manucipality We appeal to everyone to join Moletsi Community Radio family and form partnership with us in pursuit of community development. We also have a sound relationship with Damelin (Polokwane),International Acedemy (gauteng),CCSTC(polokwane) in educating the community by offering bursaries to the ordinary community members.

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